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Equisports is designed for the Horse crazy 9-15 year olds to pursue their dreams. Once the stage of cantering in a circle, is reached, Equisports is the place to be. Students who come through our Saddle Club Program will progress to Equisports when appropriate. The children are split into groups according to age and ability. Students are allocated their steed for the session – they will work closely with this horse or pony during this time, and if the match is appropriate, we will endeavour to foster the partnership over the term.

About the Course

Students are guided through a vast range of horse management topics, based around the EA Equiskills course. Juniors will become proficient in grooming, tacking their own horses up, care of gear, stable cleaning and feeding, whilst the Seniors will learn all this plus First Aid, Health and Diseases, Nutrition for horses, bandaging, competition preparation, the list is endless and our enthusiastic staff will immerse them in the all-consuming world of horses.
In riding, the students will become proficient in the variations of trot and canter, learn the concepts of rhythm and contact, negotiate courses of small jumps and be introduced to riding in open spaces.        

The course is very hands-on, with students connecting with their horse from the start of the session, and being able to relate the different concepts being discussed to their own horse – not just a group looking at one horse. Students will be responsible for all preparation of the horse for riding, dealing with any issues that may arise along the way. After their group lesson which may be in either dressage, Showjumping or open space riding, they will be responsible for untacking, washing and grooming the horse, rugging, cleaning and putting gear away, and assisting with any extra chores required for the care and well-being of their horse.

These students can look towards NCAS Equiskills course.

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