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Welcome to Shellby Equestrian Centre


When you come to Shellby, you come to experience all things horse. You come to live the horse, breathe the horse and be at one with the horse. Shellby creates a safe and knowledgeable environment where you learn it all, not just how to sit and look pretty. You come here for the whole experience. Shellby Equestrian Centre offers the equestrian experience for all ages and abilities on our beautiful horses. We welcome you to our website.

Why Choose Us

Convenient Location

A successful riding school on Sydney's Northern Beaches for 15 years, Shellby offers a holistic and unique equine experience. Nestled in Terrey Hills, backing onto the Ku-ring-ai National Park, Shellby brings the country to the city. Only 25 minutes from the Sydney CBD and easily accessible by bus.

Quality Horses

The horses are carefully selected for their temperaments and suitability. We endeavor to provide horses suitable for all levels of rider to assure their safety and satisfaction. Our horses are professionally trained to be competent in dressage, jumping and games.

World Class Facilities

Shellby boasts an amazing, state-of-the-art complex consisting of stabling for 28 horses, an indoor 50x60 metre fully floodlit arena, an outdoor 60x20 metre Olympic arena, and 2 arenas catering for our beginner riders. We also have large paddock facilities to ensure our horses have “down-time”. All arenas are floodlit and have a polyfibre/sand surface.

Qualified Coaches

Shellby has a wonderful team of permanent, full-time staff, dedicated to creating a perfect riding environment for our students. All of our experienced coaches are accredited and insured. Shellby also runs a number of accredited courses in horse management and coach training. Shellby is also Child Safety certified.

Shellby Equestrian Centre Video

Horse Riding Lessons for all Ages & Abilities

Private Lessons

Shellby Equestrian Centre offers a diverse range of lessons, catering from the first timer to the seasoned competitor. We offer private lessons which run for either 45-mins or 1-Hour, semi-private lessons (2 people) which run for 1-Hour and 15-mins, and group lessons which also run for 1-Hour and 15-mins. All lessons require students to participate in preparing their horse for the lesson. In effect the lessons are broken down into 15-mins preparation time and the remainder in the saddle.

Group Lessons

For those that have achieved a standard where they can confidently control their horse around the arena, and feel safe they can do so with other horses present, we offer group lessons. Groups consist of 3-6 students with one instructor. At Shellby, we endeavor to match up students of similar age and ability to ensure that everyone benefits from the lesson. Classes are held in dressage, jumping and games on request! Gather your own group of friends or ask us to match you up.

Pony Parties

Littlies from age 3 to 5 will love our pony rides (starting at $50 per child). Your child will spend 15-minutes on the ground with the pony, giving it a brush and assisting to put the pony on its tack. This is a great way to build confidence and respect for the pony. This is followed by a 15-minute lead rein ride where your child will learn how to hold the reins, stop and go, and experience the feel of a moving pony. If we have the demand, we are able to run group sessions for the little ones. Parent involvement leading the pony is required, whilst under close supervision of a coach.

School Holiday Camps

School holiday Camps run everyday of the autumn, winter and spring breaks. Some days will cater for the complete beginners, or those who have limited experience with horses. We also run camps for the intermediate riders who can trot unassisted, or have started to canter. Advanced camps cater for those who are cantering confidently and are negotiating some jumps. All camps consist of horsemanship and riding lessons which are carefully structured to advance the students in their levels, and provide a fun, safe and friendly environment for the children to participate.


Once the stage of cantering in a circle is reached, Equisports is the place to be. Running in 2-Hour intervals throughout the day, children (9-15 years old) are split into groups according to their age and ability. They are then guided through a vast range of topics based around the EA Equiskills course. Juniors will become proficient in grooming, tacking their own horses up, care of gear, stable cleaning and feeding, whilst the Seniors (15 years of age and older) will learn all this plus First Aid, Health and Diseases, Nutrition for horses, bandaging and competition preparation.