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Shellby Equestrian Centre offers a diverse range of lessons, catering from the first timer to the seasoned competitor. All our instructors have been hand-picked to ensure the highest teaching standards in our riding school. Shellby Equestrian Centre has a over 30 ponies and horses with differing experience levels, ensuring we have a horse or pony to suit every rider.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons which run for either 30 or 45-mins and semi-private lessons (2 people) which run for 45mins to one hour. All lessons require students to participate in preparing their horse for the lesson. In effect the lessons are broken down into 15-mins preparation time and the remainder in the saddle. If you are running late for your lesson you will still have to prepare your horse. At Shellby we feel this time is very important as part of your experience. Those who are skilled in tacking up their horse may apply for a "Tack-Up Unassisted" lesson, and prepare the horse for their lesson and meet the instructor at the arena.

Group Lessons

We run group lessons as well as private – gather a group of friends together, or we can slot you into one of our many group sessions. Groups have a maximum of 5 participants and are carefully composed to ensure that the riders are of a very similar standard and generally similar age group. For our juniors, the minimum requirement to join a group is competency in the canter to ensure safety for all riders.  For adults we need to know that you are in control of the horse at least in trot before being placed in a group.  All riders are required to attend an assessment lesson so we can ascertain your skill level and find a suitable group for you. For riders with their own horses, our instructors are able to teach more advanced lessons with a focus in any discipline, in the safety of our own world class facilities.

Morning Specials

We run Morning specials, which have a decreased price due to off-peak times (9am-2pm). This is perfect for adults wanting a lesson after dropping their children at school, a workout before heading into the office, or to wind down after a long day. We also have shower facilities for anyone needing to freshen up before an appointment!

Make a Booking

To make a booking please call the office on (02) 9450 1745 or complete our Contact Us form.