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Our Horses

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Our Beautiful Horses

At Shellby, we endeavor to provide horses suitable for all levels of rider to assure their safety and satisfaction. For this reason, Shellby horses are carefully selected for their temperaments and suitability. Our horses are also trained to be competent in dressage, jumping and games, with a select few also competent in Western Pleasure. All enjoy being a part of our Natural Horsemanship sessions as well.

About the Horses

At any one time Shellby has 28 horses in the riding school. We own around 45 suitable horses, which we rotate on a regular basis to ensure they are happy and not overworked. The horses are in a stable/yard environment, with paddock time at least every 2nd day. They are fed 3 times per day and have all their needs catered to, this includes appropriate rugging, stable cleaning twice daily, regular worming, chiropractic sessions, in-house Equissage (horse massage chair!), regular saddle fitting, the list is endless, but in our world – horses come first! Happy Horse = Happy Life!

Our horses vary in size and ability. Ponies such as JacFflach, Jezzy, Blue, Snoopy, Minty, Freckles and B2 are the faves. They will go all day with their precious cargo, guarding them with their lives. Then there is Spud – Mr Potato-Head – he is as wide as he is tall! Brandy, Zac and Lachy are a bit bigger but still give a great ride to our little riders. The big crew, Lyric, Little, PJ and Pickett, they are all amazing. Our promise to you is that our horses are cared for impeccably. If they have an issue it is tended to, when they need feeding they are fed, and if they ever get over it, we will find them a new and loving home to carry on their lives.

New Horses

Shellby is always looking for new horses and ponies to bring into the school – whether on loan or for purchase, or potentially on a share arrangement. If you have a lovely friend that you think would be suitable for the school – please give us a call.

Good home guaranteed!!

At Shellby our horses’ welfare always comes first.

Horses For Sale

Shellby often has horses for sale due to our policy of not keeping horses here if they are not happy in their work. Some horses are suited to riding school life, but most are better suited to a one owner relationship. If horses have this personality we would rather find a loving home for them than have them unhappy in the school. It is a certain type of horse that can cope with 20 different riders a week and still maintain a level head! Some horses are just too forward moving, or too educated for our environment, so we are better to rehome these than have them ruined in the school! Others have just done long enough in the riding school and deserve to move on and find true love. For more information regarding our Horses for Sale please see our Vimeo page for videos and details, watch our Facebook page, and of course – ask the office!

Contact Us

If you have a horse or pony that you think would be suitable for the school please call us on (02) 9450 1745 or complete our Contact Us form.